Tips for Not Getting Cheated by your Renovation Company

by Laura Lim

Renovation company in Singapore is unregulated. Common scams are seen usually involves unlucky customers paying large sum of deposit upfront and sometimes extra fees for unknown stuffs or materials. Here are a few tips on how to avoid getting cheated by your renovation company.

1. Be-careful if the renovation company charges you a very low price and asked for a high deposit amount
You find it very attracted to the cheap renovation price quoted by your renovation company, but wait – you pay peanuts, you get monkey (it’s true, most of the time). This is very true that renovation company tends to charge at a low price and asking for a large sum of deposit to be paid. In many similar cases, these dishonest renovation companies just simply pocket the deposit and perform lousy work finishes has no intention to begin the renovation works.

2. Perform background checks on the company
You can retrieve or check information from a a few resources such as CASE, HDB or ACRA. Some renovation contractors do not work with the same teams for every project, which can result to inconsistent renovation works.

You can also search the internet on the company’s name or reviews, some results might often review good or bad things about the company so to prevent you from dishonest companies. You can also seek opinions from the previous clients of the company from the reviews given before engaging the company.

3. Make frequent visits to check on the work your renovation contractor is doing
Your renovation contractors will be spending most of the time alone at your new place, you can make frequent visits to supervise the works as often as you can.

4. Read thoroughly and sign all the paperwork before payment

People can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars at the renovation events without knowing the terms and conditions of the agreement they made with the company. It is better to know what exactly you are paying for and the service or products that you will be getting. You can look out for a few examples,

  • The cost of the materials and renovation works
  • A breakdown of the materials and exact renovation works
  • What product or services is included and excluded in the contract
  • The clause for termination of works midway
  • The payment terms
  • The appointed project manager stated clearly on the contract


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