Tengah, the next Bishan-sized town

by Amanda Chiu

Photo Credits: HDB

Introducing the new Tengah estate, over 700ha, which is about the size of Bishan, will not only feature first car-free town centre in Singapore, but will also allow residents to get up close with nature!

Redeveloping Tengah, which is currently used as a military training area — were first announced during the Committee of Supply debate in April 2016. The Tengah estate, which has been incorporated as the “Forest Town”, will be about three quarters the size of Punggol.

The first batch of HDB flats is expected to be launched from 2018 onwards and estimated to be fully developed over two decades. The town could comprise up to 42,000 new homes, with public housing making up more than 70 per cent of the units.

Five housing districts;

Tengah will be composed of five housing districts: Plantation, Park, Garden, Brickland and Forest Hill, each to be designed to correspond with a facet of the town’s identity.

Photo Credits: HDB

An example would be, The Plantation District, which will be the first to be built, will have a community farmway running through its housing precincts. It has space dedicated for community gardening and urban farming, and activities such as sales of organic produce may also be planned in the future.

Lastly, it will be Singapore’s first car-free HDB town centre (this is in line with the Government’s efforts to induce people to reduce overall car usage) – although this will be put into effect only when the town reaches critical mass, which roads and vehicles will operate beneath the town centre.

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