BTOHQ Exclusive Promo with Tuas Power: A Step-by-Step Guide to Get Your Utilities Set Up for Your New Home

by Laura Lim

If you have just picked up the keys to your new home, congratulations! Before embarking on the excitement of designing and renovating that perfect home, you might want to consider opening an SP utilities account – electricity, water, and gas – to get your home up and running!

Feeling clueless about how to proceed? Read on for our simple breakdown on what you should do.

Start by Opening Your Utilities Account with Singapore Power (SP)

SP is synonymous with all things to do with utilities in Singapore. So, whether you are getting a BTO, resale or other residential properties, this is a step everyone who owns a property will need to go through!

Here are the simple steps to getting your very own SP Group Utilities account:

  1. Choose to go about in any of the following three ways:
    ● In Person: SP Customer Service Centre – you can do it conveniently in person while you collect your keys at HDB hub
    ● Online: Via the SP Utilities Portal (website) or their mobile app

  2. Fill up your application and also prepare the following relevant documents which will be required:
    ● Copy of NRIC or FIN (front and back)
    ● Proof of occupancy of premises – e.g. Tenancy agreement or property tax slip – basically anything to prove you are staying at that address

  3. Make payment for an initial security deposit – find out how much!

  4. Wait patiently for an email or mobile update to confirm your account is ready – usually between 1 – 3 business days. Once ready, you can schedule an appointment to turn on your electricity, water, and gas supply – this is when technicians will come down to do inspections before they activate the supply. And viola, you have a home with running electricity, water, and gas – ready to live in!

Note: Some HDB BTOs could already have their electricity and water turned on for them. Nonetheless, you will still need to get your SP account otherwise the supply will be stopped.

Interested on Getting Lower Electricity Bills Every Month?

Well, 48% of home owners in Singapore has chosen an electricity retailer and it had helped save them a good 20 – 32% compared to tariffs, every quarter. You can be one of these smart and savvy homeowners. Here is one more step to help you achieve savings in the utilities bills in the long run – choose an electricity retailer! The additional electricity savings can help contribute to support for new furniture and renovation plan.  

Since the launch of the Open Electricity Market two years ago, Singaporeans had been given a choice of selection from 12 other authorized electricity retailers, to save from lower SP tariff rates. 

In that pricing comparison, one of the best option that prevailed was Tuas Power! They offer one of the best value!

Tuas Power – Your Experienced, Reliable & Low-Cost Alternative

If you are still in the midst of considering which retailer you could switch to, here are some reasons why you should consider choosing Tuas Power as your preferred electricity retailer:

  • More than 20 years of experience as a power generation company – reliable and experienced player in the Singapore market
  • Market leader for generating electricity
  • Convenient consolidate bill payment with SP – no changes to your current billing process since you will continue to receive the electricity bill together with your other gas and water SP bills
  • Direct deduction of U-save rebates on your SP bills for electricity, water and gas (if you are eligible)
  • Well-reviewed by fellow homeowners 4.8/5 stars:
    • Prompt and helpful customer service
    • Quick and easy online application
    • Fuss free transition from SP

Take Action Before End of March to Tap on These Bonus Goodies!

Want even more bonus for making the change from SP? Well, you are in luck! Tuas Power and BTOHQ have come together to offer a special time-limited promotion for new households who sign-up a Tuas Power electricity plan with the promo code <PRBTOHQ21>!

Bonus Goodies for BTOHQ readers include:

Tuas Power PlanRate (GST inclusive)Bill Rebate (GST inclusive)
PowerDO 2422% DOT$20 bill rebate
PowerFIX 18$0.1980$60 bill rebate
PowerFIX 24$0.1980$80 bill rebate
PowerFIX 36$0.1980$100 bill rebate
PowerFIX 36$0.1980Free 1st month electricity
*Note: Bill rebates will be directly credited to your consolidated SP bill

Sign up directly here:  

Do note that this promotion is valid up till 2 May 2021 and only for new customers.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Saving with Tuas Power Today!

Already have your SP utilities account all set up? Don’t forget the most important step of choosing your electricity retailer!

Ready to sign up with Tuas Power and start saving? Simply head over online to submit your application or drop their customer service officers a call at 6838 6888.

Once that is done, simply sit back relax and wait to enjoy a cheaper electricity rate and lower electricity bills!

But wait, saving does not stop here!

Now as a Tuas Power customer, you have more options to save even more:

  • Share your referral codes with your friends and family to help them save more and earn additional bill rebates off your SP bills!
  • The more you refer, the more savings you can get to enjoy with Tuas Power
  • Check out Tuas Power’s Refer A Friend Programme today!

Now you know the secret to saving on your utilities bill! Feel free to share with your friends and family the lobang so everyone can save up in the years to come!

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