What to Prepare When Moving into Your New Home

by Amanda Chiu

Amid all the excitement of finally shifting into a new home, there are some things you need to prepare before the actual move. Make sure you do them well in advance, so you don’t scurry around in a frenzy trying to get things done last minute!

Read on for a guide to make your moving process a pleasant on

1. Pineapple/Fengshui

As Chinese, we tend to be superstitious, but even if we aren’t, it doesn’t hurt to prepare a pineapple for good measure. A pineapple symbolises wealth and prosperity for the house owners – that’s why people shout “huat ah!” whilst rolling the pineapple.

You might also want to get a Feng Shui master to come along when you move, so he can give you advice on the best places to arrange your furniture. You can also choose to source for tips yourself online or through books.

Like I always believe, it’s fine to take such advice as long as we take it with a pinch of salt. If it bodes well for your home, it won’t hurt to listen even a little. All things in moderation!

2. Essentials

You don’t want to be stuck moving for the whole day without any food, water, clothes, or any other basic necessities. Bring along essentials like a change of clothes, as you’re going to sweat up a storm from moving and packing.

Take toilet paper with you so that you’re covered (literally) when you need to take a number 2. For the throbbing headache you’ll have once your movers leave, along with a mess the size of a tsunami, bring along some pills such as aspirin to relieve it.

Bring your wallet along (make sure It’s not empty), your mobile charger (so you can revive your phone when it goes flat halfway to call for help) and your toiletries to use if you’re staying over immediately.

3. Movers

The list of available movers is inexhaustible. Take your time to review and select the best movers for you.

With the Internet at your fingertips, you can easily access customer reviews and compare prices of the different movers. Get the price estimates of a few best movers before you narrow down your choices.

Ideally, you want to choose one that fits comfortably into your budget. We get that unbelievably good deals can be tempting, but the keyword is “unbelievably”.

Too often, if something is too good to be true, it is. Picture this: would you want to hire movers at a cheap price, and be met with freelance movers arriving late on the moving day and demand extra compensation or fees before they get going?

If, before moving, they tell you over the phone that there’s no need to review your things to be moved, we suggest that you put down the phone and look for another less fishy alternative. Don’t take it as an indication that they’re easy going and easy to take advantage of, because they’re not!

If you don’t know what the average quote is, use this as a guide: the benchmark rates for deliveries is about $220 for one trip in a 10-foot covered truck, or $350 to $500 for a 14-foot truck.

4. Inventory Checklist

Compile an inventory checklist for your furniture. That way, you won’t freak out when you realise you left your favourite stuffed toy back at home 100 miles away. Do the same for your newly purchased furniture as well.

Additionally, check whether the lifts can fit your furniture. Movers charge extra for moving your items up the stairs, per level climbed.

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