Hidden Renovation Cost That Your Contractor Might Not Tell You

by Laura Lim

Planning for your first home’s renovation is one of the many challenges that you and your partner will face together.

1. The cost of electrical works

Most Contractor and IDs do not specify the cost of electrical works. They usually recommend or insist upon using their “electrical guy” and mentioned that costs are quoted by the electrician. Find out from the the cost of rewiring, shifting and adding electrical points. Get your contractor to give you an accurate estimation based on your expectations.

2. Painting

The cost of painting is between $1100 – $1500. It normally consists of 5 colors Nippon or equivalent. Colours can be selected and adjustable.

3. Labour Costs

Most renovation quotes only quote for the labor that they will be performing directly. However, if your project requires the expertise of an outside specialist, such as a plumber or electrician, the costs may be higher. Find out if the contractor quotes for the specialists that will be required or if you will need to obtain separate quotes for these individuals.

4. Changes to the Project

How will the renovation contractor handle any changes to the project? Even if the reason for the change is out of your control, you may still be charged extra.

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